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Karahunj, will rock your world.

Did you know that Armenia has it's very own stonehenge(s) !? Well now you do, Karahunj (chanting stones) is a series of neolithic 8,000 year old massive stone circles in Southern Armenia, which predates the stonehenge in the British Isles by 3,500 years. The 204 stones were some how dragged and placed into circle formations by the neolithic ancestors of the Armenian people and holes were carved out at the top of each stone. It is hypothesized that the stone circles served as a ancient observatory and religious site for the ancient Armenian sun worshipping cult. The circles carved into the stones are perfectly angled and point at specific stars and galaxies. Karahunj is also a hub for those who believe that extraterrestrials have meddled with the ancients, as a result of the alien-like faces carved onto some of the stones. Despite the latter, extraterrestrial or not, it is still a mystery as to how the massive stones were dragged and placed into circular formations with such mathematical precision. It is also believed that the term "henge" in "stone henge" originates from the Armenian word "hunj" (meaning chanting or sound) which has a meaning in Armenian, but not in English. Could it be possible that the same people who erected the stone circles in the British Isles, erected the ones in Armenia prior to their arrival to the Isles? Genetic analysis and research in the recent years have began to prove that neolithic Europeans originated in the Armenian Highlands before their mass migration to the west, thus explaining the enigma behind the striking resemblance between the stone circles in Armenia and in the British Isles.

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